Your Lucky Day Game Explanation

Your Lucky Day is a slot machine game with a TV game show concept and the prize money you would expect from such a game. You may wager on five reels and twenty paylines in the Your Lucky Day online slot. You may stake up to twenty coins per line, with coin sizes ranging from £0.01 to £0.50. In total, your betting limits range from £0.20 to £200! The design employs all of the obvious symbols, like a handsome host, a gorgeous hostess, and a television, but its genuine merits lay in its unique elements, which we shall cover in this review.

What makes Your Lucky Day such a fun game is

Use it on mobile devices.

Play Your Lucky Day for free before betting real money on it.


Unusual bonus rounds


So many opportunities to win more


Free casino spins


using multiplicators


There are 20 ways to win with these chips.


Extra paylines to increase the odds


Look for Regular payments


Reduced house advantage increases your chances of winning.



Diverse and exciting bonus rounds

Great on mobiles

Innovative game design Frequent payouts


Not all bonuses have the same weight.

Payouts could be greater

Bonus variations are not pure slot action.

Important Aspects of Your Lucky Day Examined


During your ten free spins, all rewards will be multiplied by two.

The first characteristic to consider is the wild symbol, represented by the Lucky Day icon. It can substitute for missing symbols if doing so creates a winning combination on an active payline. In addition, all winnings generated by utilizing this function are automatically doubled! The Hostess, the Host, and the TV scatter symbols in Your Lucky Day slots cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.


The Host and Hostess symbols appear exclusively on the first and fifth reels, and when you see two of a kind (of either the Host or Hostess sign) they will provide a reward equal to your wager. Also, they introduce extra games, which we shall cover shortly. The TV sign appears exclusively on reels 2, 3, and 4. If you see two at once, you will receive 1x your stake, and if you see three, you will receive 2x your wager. Moreover, when three of them appear, you will win 10 free spins during which all rewards will be doubled!


Smooth visuals and entertaining symbols that pay out

There are several reasons to appreciate Your Lucky Day, most notably the bonus rounds. Yet there’s more to the game than just the chance to win large, including stunning visuals and payoff indicators. Here is how much they pay.


Your reward will equal 5, 10, 15, or 25 times your entire wager.

Now, the Your Lucky Day bonus games will begin. If you encounter two Hostess symbols simultaneously, you will enter the Hi-Low Bonus game immediately. This straightforward game displays a row of five playing cards. The card on the left is face up, while the rest are face down. You must determine if each card is greater or lower than the one before it. The more right cards you acquire, the more money you’ll win. For one, two, three, or four right choices, your reward will be equal to five, ten, fifteen, or twenty-five times your entire wager. But, you still walk away with a 2x bet consolation reward for a stake of zero.


Also, if you make four consecutive correct guesses, the Your Lucky Day slot machine’s Poker Bonus Game will be activated. Here, you may obtain a poker hand with a payoff in real money. The rewards for a pair, two pairs, three of a kind, and a straight are 5x, 10x, 15x, and 25x your stake, respectively. If you manage to get a flush or better, this multiplier increases to 40x!


You cannot walk away from any situation empty-handed.

The other bonus game, the Lucky Money Bonus Game, is activated when two Host symbols appear simultaneously. Here, you are required to select three boxes from a grid. The first is a random number of coins, while the second and third are multipliers that increase the initial amount to calculate the total award. You cannot leave this place empty-handed, and if you do well, you may earn quite an amount of money.


It’s time to decide, do you feel lucky?

The online slot game Your Lucky Day has three bonus rounds with substantial payouts. The Hi-Low Bonus game, the Extra Poker Hand Bonus game, and the Lucky Money bonus game provide players with the opportunity to increase their wager by 5x-40x, with a minimum 2x win multiplier guaranteed. In addition, you may enjoy all the payouts along the way. It’s time to decide, do you feel lucky?

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